About Hand Analysis

Brain And Hand Analysis

Your hands and your brain developed from the same material during fetus development, consequently there is a lifelong connection between the hands and the brain, whatever has or is going on in your brain is reflected on your hands throughout your life.

Your hands represent an extension of your brain; any activity in your brain throughout your life generates marks on your hands. The more you experience intense feelings or events, the more defined the lines on your hands become. If an activity happens only occasionally, the related lines will be less defined.


Scientific Hand Analysis, which I also refer to as Life Purpose Decoding, unlike palmistry, is the non-predictive system that I use to decode these lines and markings.

FingerprintThe human hand holds all the information about your behavior patterns, the strongest part of your personality, and what challenges you have. These could be conscious or subconscious—you could be clearly aware or clueless about them.

The good news is that changes can be made when you are consciously made aware of these patterns and have a willingness to change.

How do these parts of your personality align with your Life Purpose?

You can gain total control over your life by knowing what holds you back. Such adjustment makes your life more joyful and brings you closer to getting what you want in areas like:

  • Finding the love you want and keeping it.
  • Understanding your child’s behavior (and save tons of money and time in therapy)
  • Manage Business conflicts and monetize your efforts.
  • Most importantly you learn how to communicate authentically and have fun.

Fingerprint patterns are very unique and never change. They form sixteen weeks into fetus development and keep very special information about each individual’s life agenda and help you to get the answers to the most important questions in your life.

  • “Who am I as a human being?”
  • “What am I here for?”

We all search for these answers our entire lives.

When you uncover your Life Purpose Code, you discover your Soul Agenda, which is comprised of the three most important things that will be revealed:

Digital HandprintsYour Life Purpose.

Your reason for being on Earth. Life Purpose is not what you do, it is who you are. When you are on Purpose this will shine through in everything you do.

Your Life School.

We all came to this world to master certain things. We were all born with various levels of development of our soul. Your school is your unique essence, it is a playground where all events of your life occur. Your school will show up in all areas of your life—you can’t escape it. There are four schools out there: School of Service, School Of Love, School Of Wisdom, and School Of Peace.

Each School represents a different theme of your soul’s development. It will range from mastering your very simple needs, how to live with ease, and feeling safe in your physical body, to finding balance in serving others. When you understand clearly the challenging part of your spiritual school, you will get more clarity on how to achieve your Life Purpose.

Your Life Lesson.

This is the scoop! You can’t be “On Purpose” till you work on your Life Lesson.

This is the most challenging part of your Soul Agenda. Let’s explain simply how it works. You were born with your amazing Life Purpose and a shadow part which is your weakness that needs to be worked on, which is why it is called your Life Lesson. We as human beings don’t like to face our weaknesses and have a natural tendency to avoid challenges.

The majority of people don’t know about their unique Life Lesson. Those who make a conscious effort to work on their Life Lesson enjoy living a joyful and purposeful life. Others don’t know how. Only a few “lucky” ones just know naturally.

Connection Between Hands and BrainIf you don’t really recognize your Life Lesson or ignore or avoid it, you will never achieve your highest potential and as a result your life will be full of stress and you will be asking the same questions over and over:

  • Why do my relationships never work?
  • Why do people boss me around?

Decoding Your Life Purpose is a very transformational experience. Let’s see what your code reveals about you.

You must be prepared to be honest with yourself and ready to make changes.

You will get my compassion, care, integrity, and honesty. I have high standards and I am very straightforward in all my analysis. My goal is to help you see the real truth about yourself and understand what is holding you back from your path to your success and happiness.

Do you have more questions? Check out my list of frequently asked questions about hand analysis.