Hand Analysis Questions!

Hand Analysis FAQsHere are the most common questions I get regarding Hand Analysis  . . . .

Do the lines on my hands change?

Yes, the lines on your hands do change throughout your life because the lines are reflecting brain activity and life experiences. But your fingerprints that show your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School never change. It is sometimes hard to fathom, but you came here with a Life Purpose that never changes!

Does this mean I don’t have a choice to do what I want to do?

Even though your life purpose was imprinted in your fingertips five months before you were born you have free will to create your life the way you want. Every day you make choices and those choices can make you or break you. Even if you know your highest potential it is still dependent on what kind of choices you make in life. Knowing your Life Purpose can help you to make better choices that will serve you, like having a roadmap of your life.

How does this Life Purpose system differ from others?

There are other programs that claim to find your Life Purpose and most of them are based on meditation, answering questions, seeking divine guidance and so on.
Hand Analysis is a scientific system that gives you very accurate and most importantly, very objective and specific answers that are organically part of you, sitting there on the tips of your fingers, waiting to be discovered…

Your hands and your brain were formed from the same material during the second trimester of pregnancy and there is a lifelong connection between the hands and the brain. Your hands are effectively a map of your brain and reflect everything that has and is going on with you. Not only the lines are important but the structure of the hands also.

Is there any age that is most preferable for someone to discover his or her Life Purpose?

This is a great question! The truth is that someone’s Life Purpose is a state of consciousness and there is no such thing as being too old or too young to discover and work on your Purpose! You came here to become somebody very special and the whole universe is waiting for you to realize this and start moving forward. The world needs your special talents, your energy and your essence and is standing by to support you fully as you begin your Life Purpose journey!

I am not very comfortable knowing my future and what will happen to me.

Hand Analysis and Life Purpose Decoding is a non-predictive system, based on the fact that our brain and our hands formed at the same time from the same matter. The last thing we are going to talk about is what is going to happen to you. However, living your life on Purpose is living your best life! Do you want this happen to you? This system can very accurately explain and give you clarity about your personality, talents and special gifts you have, that will give you control of your life. You are the one who creates your own future!

What kind of information is specifically shown on my fingers?

You are spiritual being having a physical experience and on the tips of your fingers are imprinted your special codes, your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School. Life Purpose Life Passion
Your Life Purpose is your highest potential and it is who you are designed to be at your best!
Your Life Lesson is your weakest spot, something that you came here to learn and master during this lifetime and your Life School is your essence, your playground.

Your Life School is your foundation and whether you are aware of it or not, you are looking at your world through the prism of your Life School. This knowledge gives you the tools to accelerate your movement forward towards achieving your best life of joy and achieving your ultimate potential!