Full Hand Analysis, Your Life Purpose Journey

  1. You are going to have an hour with me on by telephone or Skype, a recording will be made so that you can listen again at your leisure.
  2. In our session we are going to cover your Personality Psychology and why you are wired the way you are.
  3. We are going to discover hidden parts of your personality that very often you are not even aware of but that really affect your life and business, (how you communicate with others, set boundaries, express your feelings, run your business and much more) and how to make adjustments in your personality so you can get in life what you want.
  4. We are going to look at your Unique Gifts, if any (to prevent you from being in Penalty) and how to monetize them.
  5. We are going to discover your specific Life Purpose in detail in connection with other lines on the hands and pinpoint all your delicious dilemmas.
  6. We are going to connect Your Life Lesson with other markers on your hands and discover how and where it shows up in your life.
  7. We are going to discover what is standing in your way to connect to your intuition and how to make your intuition work for you.
  8. You will get clarity about your archetype and discover what strengths to focus on.

As a matter of reference, the hands and the brain were formed from the same material during the second trimester of pregnancy and there is a lifelong connection between the hands and the brain.

The hands are effectively a map of your brain and reflect everything that has and is going on with you. Not only are the lines important, but the structure of the hands also.

My feeling is that it will be life changing for you!

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