3 Things Successful People Do To Manifest Success

I feel very privileged that Life put me into contact with a lot of very successful people from different businesses, countries and cultures.
I realize that many successful men and women have some commonality and they always talk about the same experiences that accelerated their success.
Let me share 3 powerful tips to help you move faster in life and create the success you dream about.

1. They Focus On “Unrealistic” Positive Thoughts And Actions.

I am sure you hear about positive thinking all the time.
What I have discovered by observing people who have a difficulty to bring their dreams to reality, was that they try very hard to be positive, but they constantly slide to: “I am very positive, but you need to be realistic.”
From a logical point of view this makes sense, we do need to have a sense of reality, but when we set our vision, our dream, we operate from our subconscious not from our conscious logical mind.
When we create our dreams they make us excited, they are big and powerful and because of that they are very energetically charged.
Every amazing project started from somebody’s dream, often appearing absolutely unrealistic at the beginning!
Unrealistically positive thoughts have a very high vibration and deliver amazing results, at the same time “realistic” negatively charged thoughts have the opposite effect, because you are limiting your expectations.

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Facts About Your Mistakes That Will Impress Your Friends

I have to admit that I have made a lot of mistakes in my life!

Why am I telling you this?

Curious woman on white background with question marks

Because I noticed while working with a lot of my clients that people often have a hard time to take action because they are afraid to make a mistake… Most people don’t like to think about this and especially don’t want to talk about mistakes that they have made, most all of us are concerned that we are going to be judged or misunderstood in someway.
We have spent a lifetime creating a perfect façade that we present to the world and who knows what would happen if we suddenly opened up about something that we did and we admitted that things didn’t work out as we had planned.

How Your Mistakes Can Help You To Lead A Better Life.

If we make a conscious paradigm shift, the truth is, there is so much that we can learn from our mistakes.

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How I spent my Mother’s Day

I spent Mother’s Day I with my Mom, Dad, my husband and my children. I am so grateful!!

My Mom is 85 years young and she is a very beautiful, proud and strong woman!

My Mom, my Dad and myself

Please step back and for a second and allow yourself to see the bigger picture…

Today each of us celebrates the woman, who gave birth to us and took care of us, when we were small and helpless and step by step led us to explore this wonderful world.

Remember your first step, your first butterfly…?

The Woman, who protected you, shared all values such as kindness, honesty and of course patience with you and taught you how to deal with life.

We are also celebrating you if you are a mother!

Yes, we celebrate you today and every day!
Your beauty and softness.
Your strength and sexiness.
Your elegance and sensitivity.
Your ability to give and care for others.

Your power!

Your gift to this world as a feminine woman makes this world such a special place!
Remember the special mission each woman has on this Earth.
Love and Blessings


P.S. (All the men, who are reading this letter please honor your Mom and all the women in your life!)

It Is Never Too Late To Start Dreaming Again And Make Your Dreams Come True

girl sitting doing yoga
I found myself in a very thoughtful mood today.  Sometimes I just realize that time is moving so fast, much faster than I want and another year is speeding by. Gosh, I wish I had more control of this time machine!

Thinking back I realize that I really have achieved so much in the last year! My business and life are so different now, but, as soon as I start focusing on my achievements, my “little voice” inside starts whispering inside of my head:” But you didn’t do…blah, blah, blah “… Is this only me who is doing this to myself? I know I am not alone with this inner “little inner voice” dialog.

So how was this last year for you? Was it good? Was it bad? Was it what you expected?

You started off the year with ideas but nothing developed and now you feel like a failure? Are you burned out because you have tried new things and nothing has worked

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Resolution Or Revolution?


New Year greeting card with vintage clock and holiday lights

Remember how, in the last 60 seconds of the old year before midnight, you thought about all the events of the old year one after another and at the last moment you made a wish for the New Year?

What if, in those last 60 seconds, you reminded yourself that you came to this world:

To share your uniqueness!

To enjoy every moment of your life!

To fill every day with meaning and light!

To have all your dreams come true!

What if you could now activate a Revolution for the New Year to make it the best year of your life? Rather than a resolution that will be forgotten in 60 days?

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3 Ways To Become Successful In Business And Life.

blue symbolic business women with world

During the last several years, life has put me in contact with a lot of very successful people from different businesses, countries and cultures. Because of the nature of my work, which involves asking and answering a lot of questions, I soon realized that many of these successful men and women have some commonality and they always talk about the same experiences that really accelerated their success.

I decided to share with you this wisdom to help you move fast in life and create the success you crave and dream about.

Positive Thinking.

I am sure you have heard many times about positive thinking. The only thing I would like to clarify is that just knowing about positive thinking is not enough. What I have often heard when I have asked someone to be positive is: “I am very positive, but you need to be realistic about life.”

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Gratitude In Action!

Thanksgiving Holds
The Secret Magic Of Gratitude!

Thanksgiving day autumnal still life with bottle of wine

I am so excited to connect to you and thank you for being with me on my Journey to open this World to the Power Of Living Your Life On Purpose!I can’t believe that this year is almost over and that time is flowing so fast.

Did you count your blessings recently and really feel thankful for your health and amazing gifts and talents?

On this very special Thanksgiving Day when you bring your family and friends together remember how grateful you are and share, share openly with tears in your eyes as you thank everyone for being in your life and for what this year has brought to you.

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The Magic Formula That Always Works For Me

Ask The Universe

One of the fundamental things that I believe and that happens to me over and over again is that the Universe delivers to me exactly what I need and exactly what I ask for. It is a Magic Formula that always works for me and for everyone in my life, including my coaching clients.

By observing the lives of so many people around me I have noticed that, if we blame people or things for problems that we encounter, the Universe delivers to us more things that can go wrong so that we can blame more. This happens subconsciously.

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